Wednesday Webinar: Presentation List 2013-2014


Due to low attendance, the Wednesday Webinars scheduled for Spring 2014 have been CANCELLED. If you would like to schedule a webinar or face-to-face session for your department or a group of instructors about one of the proposed webinar topics listed below, please contact Kristin Koepke (

How to Write Better Directions
Presenters: Kristin Koepke, Instructional Designer, CATL and Bryan Kopp, Writing Programs Coordinator, CATL

When we send our students off to complete an assignment, we always hope our directions give them the guidance needed to be successful in completing the assignment. By carefully crafting our directions, the outcomes for an assignment can be more aligned with the expectations and objectives for the assignments. This workshop will highlight information to consider when writing directions and expectations, as well as presenting ways to gather information from existing directions about possible information that should be added.

Tips and Tricks for Using Mid-Course Assessments
Presenter: Kristin Koepke, Instructional Designer, CATL and Patrick Barlow, Assessment Coordinator, CATL

Mid-course evaluations elicit feedback that allow for adjustments throughout implementation of your course. Creating these evaluations is important to ensure the content and instructional strategies meet your students’ needs and meet the course objectives. This session will offer suggestions on types of mid-course assessments, ideas for implementing the assessments, tips for interpreting the results, and ways to implement changes and share results with your students.

Blend It or Flip It
Presenter: Jen Snook, Instructional Designer, CATL

This is an overview presentation about the possibilities and strategies available to instructors when offering a blended (also called hybrid) or flipped course at UW-L. The presentation will define blended learning and the flipped classroom, explain the benefits of each design approach, and discuss strategies for offering a quality blended or flipped course. Information will be provided about design considerations for blended and flipped courses and example course materials will be shared. No experience with alternative course design is needed to attend this introductory session.

Techniques and Tools to Give Feedback Efficiently
Presenters: Kristin Koepke, Instructional Designer, CATL and Bryan Kopp, Writing Programs Coordinator, CATL

Feedback is one of the ways instructors can shape the learning process for students. Offering personalized and timely feedback is important to successful learning but the process can be time-consuming for the instructor. This session will offer several techniques, approaches, tips, and technologies that can create a more efficient and effective feedback process while still supporting students learning with the needed feedback for success.

Instructional Strategies for Teaching Complex Ideas
Presenters: Bill Cerbin, Director of CATL and Kristin Koepke, Instructional Designer, CATL

Bottlenecks in courses cause an interruption in learning for a significant number of students. These bottlenecks often occur when complex ideas are presented. Once identified, these bottlenecks can be overcome by breaking down the complex idea into manageable parts for students. This workshop will present several instructional strategies to help students grasp difficult concepts, and emphasize when each approach is appropriate.

How to Create Online Student Presentations
Presenter: Kristin Koepke, Instructional Designer, CATL

In a changing work environment where many employees are working together from locations near and far, it is possible that our students will be presenting information to future colleagues virtually, either synchronously or asynchronously. In this workshop we will discuss ways to create assignments that ask students to effectively communicate in a virtual presentation, address some concerns and considerations for assigning virtual presentations, and propose some technologies suitable for a variety of virtual presentation types.

Examples of Activities and Assessments
Presenter: Kristin Koepke, Instructional Designer, CATL and Deb Hoskins, Inclusive Excellence Coordinator, CATL

Getting tired of the same activities and assessments in your class? This session will present examples of activities and assessment in an effort to expose you to new ideas to possibly adapt for your class. In addition to the list, each example will include highlights of effective practices while implementing the activity and possible technologies to incorporate with the activity or assessment.


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FALL 2013

Writing Measurable Objectives
Wednesday, September 11 – 8-9pm
Presenter: Kristin Koepke, Instructional Designer, CATL

Quality learning objectives are like a road map to the course. By developing a coherent and logical map, students and instructor have clear directions on the road of the course. Start your course off right by attending this workshop and learn the skills you need to write measurable learning objectives for your course and units. Writing measurable objectives will help your semester-long course be more focused on the content you truly wish to cover. This workshop will define objectives, discuss the components and kinds of objectives, describe strategies for building quality and measurable learning objectives, and techniques for ensuring your course activities align with the written objectives.


Designing Custom Google Maps for Interactive Instruction
Wednesday, September 25 – 8-9pm
Presenter: Ian Muehlenhaus, Department of Geography

Most of us have used Google Maps to get from Point A to Point B. Google Maps is far more powerful and useful than a reference map, though. Google Maps can be easily tailored to highlight features, places, and data that you want to showcase in lecture. You can create custom maps showcasing your or others' photographs and videos to present information to students or narrate key concepts in an interactive manner. Finally, you can employ this mapping service into group projects, having students develop specific maps of their own. This webinar will introduce some simple online tools that can be used to create your own custom maps with your own data. In addition, the webinar will show you how to change icons and map colors, embed videos and photos, share your maps with others, and embed your maps into Websites and blogs.


Facilitating Effective Online Discussions
Wednesday, October 9 – 8-9pm
Presenter: Brian Udermann, Director of Online Education

Utilizing discussions in online courses can be a very effective way to increase student to student and student to instructor interactions. However, there can be challenges associated with online discussions such as lack of student participation, disruptive students or the workload associated with reading and grading discussion posts. During this presentation you will be exposed to a variety of strategies to create discussion board activities that your students find interesting and also strategies to effectively facilitate discussions and manage the workload related to reading and grading posts.

ARCHIVE LINK: None available. Contact Brian Udermann for resources from this webinar.

Delivering Content Online
Wednesday, October 23 - 12-1pm
Presenters: Jen Snook and Kristin Koepke, Instructional Designers, CATL

A question frequently asked about teaching online is, “What is the best way for me to delivery my course content?” This session will overview the importance of presenting an instructor’s spin on content, explore several options for presenting content (from low to high tech), and offer suggestions on ways to increase the effectiveness of the content delivered.

ARCHIVE LINK: (the presentation starts at marker 23:50)

Pros and Cons of Tools Used to Add Voice and Video to PowerPoint
Wednesday, November 13 – 12-1pm
Presenter: Kristin Koepke, Instructional Designer, CATL

Since PowerPoint is intended to be a presentation aid, not a stand-alone presentation, a PowerPoint file embedded in an online course often lacks the necessary context to help in the learning process. Adding your voice to the PowerPoint presentation can create a learning object with both the content and context needed for learning. This workshop will expand on the ideas presented the “Delivering Content Online” workshop. Various technologies will be presented indicating when it is most appropriate to use them, as well as listing the pros and cons of using each technology. Please note that the workshop will present various technologies and D2L tools, but it will not train on how to use these specific tools; resources will be provided, including names of people to contact for additional support.


Time Management Tips for Teaching Online
Wednesday, December 11 – 12-1pm
Presenter: Kristin Koepke, Instructional Designer, CATL

Faculty who teach online often comment on the amount of time needed to be effective in that environment. It is true that online courses can be very time consuming. Attend this workshop to learn some time management strategies and techniques that will help in offering your online course. A survey of UW-L online instructors helped generate the tips for this workshop. Please note that the workshop will present various technologies and D2L tools, but it will not train on how to use these specific tools; resources will be provided including names of people to contact for additional support.