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Summer 2017

Online Course Development Working Session
Facilitators: Brian Udermann, Director of Online Education; Marjorie Bazluki & Khendum Gyabak, Instructional Designers
Monday, August 21, 9:00am - 3:00 pm, 150/153 Murphy Library 

This working session is intended for instructors who are developing a new online course, and instructors who want to revise an online course they have already developed and taught. Brian, Marjorie and Khendum will be on hand to answer questions, and give feedback and suggestions about your courses. Assistance will be provided for instructors who might be looking for help to: develop student learning objectives that are measureable and clearly stated; demonstrate alignment between learning objectives, course activities, and assessments; design and develop engaging course content; use online discussions more effectively; develop appropriate assessments; develop ways to provide better feedback for online learners; manage the workload associated with teaching online; use technology and media more effectively; improve online teaching facilitation skills; make sure online course material is accessible to all learners; create an online course that is more visually appealing.

You can attend for the entire day to work on online course revisions, or drop in at your convenience to get specific help throughout the day.

CATL Kickstart Working Session
23, 9:00 - 4:00 p.m., 150/153 Murphy

CATL is offering a daylong work session at which you can prepare a syllabus, plan your course, put the finishing touches on a course preparation, design a new assignment, discuss teaching issues with consultants, or simply explore alternative teaching practices. CATL staff members will be available to discuss any topics and questions with you, and provide feedback on your revisions. This combination of dedicated work-time, resources, feedback, and on-demand consultation may help you feel better prepared for the coming semester. 

You can attend for the entire day to work on preparing your teaching content, or drop in at your convenience to get specific help throughout the day.

Improving Assignments through Peer Review
Facilitators: Betsy Knowles & Laurie Miller, Economics; Bill Cerbin, Deb Hoskins, & Bryan Kopp, CATL
August 22 & 24, 9:00 - 11:00am,  153 Murphy

 Assignments are powerful teaching tools, and their design is one of the most consequential intellectual tasks that faculty undertake in their work as educators. In some ways they are always a work in progress. We plan an assignment and based on student performance, we realize how it falls short of our goals. We think of ways to make it more effective, we revise it, and try it again. 

 To assist instructors in the development of effective assignments, the Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning will facilitate an opportunity for instructors to revise and improve an important class assignment. As a participant, you will share ideas with colleagues, give and receive feedback, and do a substantive revision of a class assignment.

 You will work with a small peer review group of 3-4 instructors. After reading your group members’ assignments, you will meet to discuss and give feedback on one another’s assignments, and then use the feedback to revise your own assignment. The process is modeled after the efforts of the National Institute of Learning Outcomes Assessment in the area of assignment design.

The benefits of participating in this workshop include:

  • Improving your assignment
  • Practice using assignment design principles
  • Having your assignment peer reviewed
  • Being a peer reviewer
  • The opportunity to see assignments from other disciplines
  • Creating evidence of teaching effectiveness

Registration deadline is noon, August 15.  To register, select a class assignment you want to revise. Complete the COVER PAGE, and submit both the cover page and your assignment to Bill Cerbin, Enrollment is limited to 20 participants. You will receive additional information after registering.

Date Activity
August 17-21
Read your group members' assignments and make notes to bring to the meeting.
Peer Review Meeting
August 22
9:00 - 11:00
153 Murphy
Give and receive oral and written feedback on one another's assignments.
Assignment Revision
August 22-24
After receiving feedback, revise your assignment and prepare to bring to the final peer review meeting.
Peer Review Meeting
August 24
9:00 - 11:00
153 Murphy
Discuss and critique revised assignments.