Writing & Learning


Bryan Kopp
Writing Programs Coordinator

161B Wing Hall


Over the past 25 years UW-La Crosse has established a reputation as a writing-intensive university, adopting a systematic approach to developing student writing and learning. Not only do UW-L students write more than their counterparts at peer institutions, but many instructors design and teach writing-intensive courses and programs.

Quick Facts

  • UW-L students complete two writing emphasis courses—or complete a writing-in-the-major program—in addition to first-year composition.
  • Approximately 250 UW-L instructors have been certified to teach writing emphasis courses (see list).
  • There are 22 approved writing-in-the-major programs on campus (see list).
  • A significantly higher percentage of UW-L seniors typically write short and medium length papers than do seniors at the UW comprehensives and at 120 other masters’ institutions (NSSE).

Teaching & Learning Goals

The Writing Programs Coordinator provides resources, opportunities, and consultation services for instructors seeking to

  • promote student learning through writing
  • improve student writing abilities beyond the first year
  • integrate writing into courses and programs
  • create or refine writing assignments (including prompts, guidelines, and assessment rubrics)
  • explore options for responding to and evaluating student writing
  • gain Writing Emphasis certification
  • develop or sustain a Writing-in-the-Major program

Teaching & Learning Activities