Writing Assignments

This page will provide access to a collection of instructional resources for teachers across the disciplines, including those who teach writing emphasis courses and those who work in writing-in-the-major programs.

  • Informal Writing or "Writing to Learn": These terms refer to brief assignments or activities, in or out of class, in which students use writing as a learning tool to improve their understanding of course materials, concepts, or topics. Such informal writing is often completed in the moment, with little or no revision or editing. Read more...

  • Formal Writing:This term refers to assignments that require students to work through a composing process, including drafting and revising, to produce a text that follows discipline-appropriate conventions related to format, style, documentation, etc. Students typically receive feedback and guidance related to explicit criteria. Read more...

  • Discipline-Specific Writing


Bryan Kopp
Writing Programs Coordinator and
Assistant Professor of English

426G Carl Wimberly Hall