Undergraduate curriculum Learning Goals and Objectives

Mission:   “Foster Academic Excellence, Career Success, and Community Engagement through Enriching, Interactive Experiences”

Common Course Learning Objectives expanding section

Common Course Learning Objectives

ACC 221 ACC 222 BLAW 205
ECO 110 ECO 120 ECO 230
FIN 355 IS 220 MGT 301 
MGT 308 MGT 393  
MGT 449 MKT 309  

The Core Course Coordinators for each of these thirteen courses are as follows:

ECO 110--Adam Hoffer
ECO 120--Sheyda Teimouri
ACC 221--Sergey Komissarov
ACC 222--Steve Thornburg
BLAW 205--Mark Huesmann
ECO 230--Mary Hamman
IS 220--David Annino
MGT 308--Christa Kiersch
MKT 309--Maggie McDermott
FIN 355--Yuree Kun
MGT 301--Scott Reber
MGT 393--Andrew Stapleton
MGT 449--Ana Elisa Iglesias

Communication Goals expanding section

Communication Goal:  Our students will be able to convey information and ideas effectively.

Learning Objective: Students will convey information and ideas in professional business reports 

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Learning Objective: Students will convey information and ideas in oral presentations.

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Critical Thinking and Decision Making Goal expanding section

Critical Thinking and Decision Making Goal:  Our students will be able to think critically when evaluating decisions.

Learning Objective: Students will evaluate alternatives and understand the ramifications of those alternatives within a given business context. 

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Global Context of Business Goal expanding section

Global Context of Business Goal:  Our students will be prepared to serve others in a global environment.

Learning Objective: Students will demonstrate the ability to integrate global perspectives in business decisions. 
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Social Responsibility Goal expanding section

Social Responsibility Goal:  Students will demonstrate the role of social responsibility in business decisions.

Learning Objective: Students will be able to identify and apply different frameworks of social responsibilty to business problems and recongnize the short- and long-term effects on stakeholders and society.
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Major Competency Goal expanding section

Major Competency Goal:  Our students will be proficient in the primary functional area of study.

Learning Objective: Students will apply functional area concepts and decision-making techniques and tools appropriately while incorporating concepts from other functional business area into the primary area.        
Economics  Finance 
Information Systems


International Business    

Learning goals and objectives were developed byt faculty with input from students, alunmni, and the business community. Originally adopted by faculty vote on January 21, 2010.

Date Last Modified 12/03/2012