Econ Discussion Colloquium

Our discussion groups engage students in an informal environment to stimulate economic engagement and conversations outside the classroom. Our goal for the discussion groups is to engage students in the economic way of thinking and to highlight how basic economic and public choice can be seen in every field.

Our Spring 2022 Econ Discussion Group has begun! Led by researcher, Matt Style, every Tuesday and Wednesday at 5:30 PM, a group of students meet off-campus to discuss economic-related topics and the modern-day impact they have. To stay updated with future discussion opportunities or to apply for a scholarship, fill out our form!

Spring 2022 Discussion Topics

  • Week 1: Inflation Primer by Dr. Adam Hoffer and Dr. John Nunley
  • Week 2: Impacts of Inflation, Internationally (Currencies and Trade)
  • Week 3: Shipping's Impact on Inflation Market Power
  • Week 4: Food Insecurity and Ukrainian Wheat Prices
  • Week 5: Federal Policy and Current State of Inflation
  • Week 6: Labor Unions and their Power to Drive Prices Up
  • Week 7: Competition's Impact on Prices and the Myth's of Market Power
  • Week 8: Entrepreneurship and Role of Entrepreneurs in Improving the Market
  • Week 9: The Nature of Innovation and Risk
  • Week 10: Entrepreneurship and Recession

Fall 2021 Discussion Topics

  • Introductions and Topic Discussion
  • Chinese Evergrande Crisis
  • U.S. Housing Market 
  • Shortage of cars and semiconductors, and the entrepreneurial response to the shortage
  • Informal institutions and tipping
  • State Owned Enterprises, Clientelism, and Central Planning
  • Industrial Policy for Developing Countries

Spring 2021 Discussion Topics

  • Week 1: Supply Chain Disruptions
  • Week 2: Economics of Short Selling
  • Week 3: China's Belt & Road Initiative
  • Week 4: Economics of Energy Transition
  • Week 5: Made in China 2025 & Industrial Policy
  • Week 6: Workforce Skill Shortages
  • Week 7: Infrastructure Needs and Paying for It
  • Week 8: Economic Incentives & Unintended Consequences
  • Week 9: Bring Your Own Topic/Questions
  • Week 10: "Smokestack Chasing" by Countries and Localities

Fall 2020 Discussion Topics

  • Week 1: Economic Development
  • Week 2: Economic Development & Extractive Institutions
  • Week 3: International Trade
  • Week 4: Size of Large Firms
  • Week 5: Platform Economics
  • Week 6: Public Choice: Elections and Voting
  • Week 7: Welfare and Government Policies
  • Week 8: Economic Inequality
  • Week 9: Cost of Rent
  • Week 10: Public Finance- State Debt Issues