Curriculum updates

Spring 2017

American Indian Minor

The American Indian Minor is an interdisciplinary minor designed to complement the Ethnic and Racial Studies Minor. It provides students with an in-depth understanding of the history, culture, philosophy and literature of American Indians using both primary and secondary sources. Currently, the parameters (number of credits and courses to be included) for the program have been outlined, and ERS is now working on ensuring that what is needed can be provided before submitting the proposal for the minor to the College of Liberal Studies for consideration.

Archaeology Major: Cultural Anthropology Emphasis 

The Department of Archaeology/Anthropology is designing a new major for students interested in learning more about international issues and gaining employment in international and diverse settings in the US.  The Archaeology Major: Cultural Anthropology Emphasis focuses on concepts, theories, and methods students can use to understand others based upon their cultural rationales.  The Cultural Anthropology Emphasis major will also provide students with knowledge and skills needed to work in diverse environments in the US, and to recognize the ways that our own beliefs and practices are just as cultural as others' beliefs and practices around the world. The Cultural Anthropology Emphasis Major is slated for review by the beginning of Fall 2017.

Art Therapy Minor

Art Therapy as a minor combines psychology and applied art with the purpose of providing the student with the necessary background and skills to pursue a graduate degree in art therapy.

Psychology and Art have mapped out a curriculum and started the CIM documents. We need to have the flexibility of offering an “introduction to art therapy” as a new class and have been looking for the load to cover this. We have identified a potential instructor in the community. I hope to have the CIM materials forwarded in Spring and potentially get things started in Spring 2018.

Digital Media Studies and Design Interdisciplinary Minor

The Digital Media Studies and Design interdisciplinary (Art, CST, English) minor will provide coursework in media and communication studies, web content, graphic design, and professional writing that is relevant to new and social media and will allow our students to be competitive in an increasingly digital workplace. The minor has been approved by Art, CST, and English, and will be vetted by the CLS Academic Oversight Committee in February 2017.

Hmong Studies

Faculty in the CLS are exploring ways to strengthen the delivery of Hmong Studies curriculum offerings in the college.  We currently offer courses that are focused on Hmong Studies or include Hmong Studies in departments such as Archaeology/Anthropology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, and Modern Languages.  While some courses are regularly enrolled well, other courses cannot be offered regularly due to low enrollments.  We also believe we should be offering opportunities for students to minor or complete a certificate in Hmong Studies and, thus, we are researching the best ways to enhance our existing offerings to students.  

More specifically, the following research opportunities are being pursued as part of this curriculum development process:

Current UW System, Peer/Aspirant, and Key Research 

December 8 Open Forum Common Themes

Data Gathering Activities

  • Solicitation of feedback from Hmong community members who reside locally, regionally, and/or as far away as California. Feedback sessions will be run in Hmong and/or English languages;
  • Solicitation of feedback from students, faculty, and staff at UWL. This may include running focus groups in Hmong and English languages to ensure the broadest participation from campus members;
  • Research into the development of a Hmong Studies certificate or minor.  This will involve exploring how existing courses may be grouped so students can have a record on their transcripts of specialization in Hmong Studies coursework.

If you are interested in providing feedback or have any questions, feel free to follow this link and fill in the boxes provided.

Leadership Development Interdisciplinary Minor

The interdisciplinary Leadership Development minor will develop students' unique leadership styles and skills, critically examine what it means to lead, and allow for experience in and practice with leading others. The minor is housed in CST and includes tracks in Management and Organizational Leadership, Community and Political Leadership, Leadership and Social Justice, Healthcare Leadership, and Ethics and Leadership. The minor has been revised based on a first reading from the CLS Academic Oversight Committee and will be vetted again in February 2017.

Neuroscience Interdisciplinary Minor

The interdisciplinary Neuroscience Minor is a collaboration between Biology, Philosophy, and Psychology to prepare undergraduate students for graduate training in neuroscience, or provide additional content knowledge for other allied health fields. Around 120 students indicated intent to declare the minor if/when it becomes available. It most recently received final approval from Biology, and will be moving for review by the college curriculum committees within the next few weeks.

Social Justice Minor

The Social Justice minor is housed in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and emphasizes the development of the skills and knowledge needed to act as a change-maker.  Students not only study patterns and causes of injustice and inequality, they also learn how to evaluate a variety of actions aimed at creating justice and equality.

We have a framework and rationale for the minor, and have used those to define course criteria that currently would include over 80 possible courses.  We will narrow those options this semester and move the proposal into the approval pipeline this semester.  We will also need to draft additional components to our department bylaws that will 1. change the membership of the SJ minor curriculum committee, and 2. define a process through which new courses could be proposed to the committee once the minor is active.