Changing Majors/Minors expanding section

How do I go about changing my major/minor or adding a major/minor?

  • If your first major is in the College of Liberal Studies or you are changing to a major in the College of Liberal Studies fill out the online change of program/plan form

When can I change my major/minor or add a major/minor?

  • Any time except during a period of time just before and during registration. You can turn in your change plan during that period and we will process it as soon as registration is closed. In the mean time you should use the "what if" feature in your Student Center as well as the catalog to understand your degree requirements.
  • Students who are academically ineligible or who are on probation cannot change their plan. They need to wait until they are back in Good Standing.

My Major has an admissions requirement. Can I still declare it as a major?

  • Students can declare any major, however, as part of some programs there will be a separate admissions process. For example, Education programs require that you apply to get accepted in order to advance through their field experiences.  You can declare an Education major at any time, just realize that the admissions process is also a necessary step. The Psychology Major is a bit different, it requires that you complete an online tutorial before you declare yourself a Psychology major. Psychology majors must take the online tutorial and then meet with an advisor in Psychology prior to declaring a Psychology major - see their website for details.

Who can help me choose a Major/Minor?

  • If you are undeclared the best place to go is the Academic Advising Center. The advisors in the AAC specialize in helping students choose their path of study. They can also help you choose a minor that will fit well with your Major.
  • If you would like to speak with a faculty member in a particular department feel free to contact that faculty member via email or his or her office. Faculty members should post office hours outside of their office door. You can also contact the department ADA to find out if there is a particular faculty member in charge of helping inquiring students.
  • If you're interested in a Major/Minor that is located in the College of Liberal Studies contact the Dean's Office in 235 Morris Hall (785-5454) and ask to make an appointment with an advisor. 
The difference between a BA and a BS expanding section

What is the difference between a BA and a BS?

  • A BA stands for Bachelor of Arts. After you choose a BA you need to choose a BA track. You can choose either a Humanities, Fine Arts, or Language track. Your choice will determine your College Core requirements. 
  • A BS stands for Bachelor of Science.
  • The main difference between the two is that for a BA you need to obtain at least the 102 level of a language (and 202 if going for the Language track). With the BS you need an extra Lab science.
  • Note: Some degrees require either a BA or a BS - you may not have a choice.
Academic Ineligibility/Probation expanding section

I received a letter saying I was ineligible. What does that mean?

  • If your term GPA was low or your cumulative GPA was too low it triggers an automatic ineligibility status. See this page from the catalog for GPA requirements.
  • You can appeal your ineligibility. If your appeal is accepted you will be placed on probation. If you are denied the appeal or do not appeal you will not be able to attend UWL.

How do I appeal my ineligibility status?

  • Your ineligibility letter should give you instructions. You should write the appeal to your college dean's office. It can be an attached word document or in the body of an email. In it you should explain why your GPA was low, what you are doing to improve your performance, and what you plan to do in the future to make yourself a more successful student.

What happens if my appeal is denied?

  • If your appeal is denied you may make a further appeal to the Committee on Academic Policy and Standards (CAPS). This committee meets once during the week prior to the beginning of the semester. If you miss this chance you must sit out at least the following semester. If CAPS accepts your appeal you will be placed on Probation and may attend UWL that semester. If CAPS denies your appeal you must sit out at least 2 semesters. You may then submit an appeal again to the Dean's office. After sitting out two semesters you chances of attending again are greatly improved.
  • Work with your Dean's office to put together a CAPS appeal.
Adding/Dropping Courses expanding section

How and when can I drop a course?

  • You need to refer to the "Important Dates and Deadlines" web page. If you want to drop or add a course within the first week of the semester you can do it via WINGS - no signatures are required. After the first week at least one signature is required as well as a trip to Records and Registration. You can drop a course up to one week after midterm. If you drop after the first week there will be a "W" on your transcript. You will need a signature from your instructor or advisor (try to get the instructor's signature). You can pick up add/drop forms in many locations but for sure in 235 Morris Hall.
  • To add a course after the first week you need signatures from both the instructor and the chair of the department your course is offered from. 
  • For adds and drops pay attention to financial considerations. Will dropping a course bring you below 12 credits? Will adding a course put you above 18? Contact the Financial Aid office if you have questions about your aid.
  • Depending on when you drop a course you may still have to pay partially or fully for the credits. See the "Important Dates and Deadlines" web page for details. Also, check with financial aid because it could affect your financial aid package.

How do I add a course?

  • If it is within the first week of the semester you can do it from WINGS. After the first week you need the instructor and Chair's signature. Add/Drop forms can be found at 235 Morris Hall. Turn in form at Records and Registration (117 Graff Main Hall)
Course Overrides expanding section

The course I want is closed but I need to get into it. What can I do?

  • Every course/department has a separate process. The first step is to contact the instructor. In some cases they can complete an electronic override which allows you to sign up for the class via WINGS.

Can I take more than 18 credits?

  • Under exceptional circumstances it is permissible to take more than 18 credits. You will need to get an override signed in the Dean's office. Factors that will be taken in to consideration include need and GPA. Keep in mind that any credit in excess of 18 credits will cost more money.
  • The same applies for anyone wishing to take more than 12 credits in the Summer or more than 3 credits over Winter Intercession.

I need to take two classes that overlap in time. Can I still sign up for them?

  • You need to have both instructors sign an override and then you need to take that form to the Dean's office (235 Morris) for a signature. Then you turn it in with Records and Registration (117 Main Hall).
  • Requests should be reasonable. Do not expect an instructor to allow you to be consistently late for class or to be able to leave early every day. Time conflict overrides should be used in exceptional circumstances.
Questions about Graduation and Degree Requirements expanding section

I think I am ready to graduate soon, what do I do?

  • The semester prior to graduating you should apply to graduate in your WINGS student center. It is located in the same drop down menu as your Academic Requirements (AR) report).
  • You should also contact the Dean's office (235 Morris, 785-5454) and ask them to perform a credit check. They will let you know if you are on track.
  • Before classes begin every semester advisors in the Dean's office completes a credit check of all students who have applied to graduate. If they find that you have not registered for the right courses or lack sufficient credits to graduate they will contact you via email. Hopefully you will be able to alter your schedule in time for classes to begin.
  • At any time in your career at UWL if you have any questions regarding degree completing contact the Dean's Office (235 Morris Hall, 785-5454). While your regular advisor can also check your status, the advisors in the Dean's office are the folks who will complete your official degree verification when you are all done with your coursework. 

Can I walk in the May graduation ceremony if I am a Summer graduate?

  • Yes.  Also, you may walk in the Fall ceremony if you plan on being a Winter Intercession graduate.
  • General information on Graduation can be found here.