Individuals with Disabilities Advisory Committee

Individuals with Disabilities Advisory Committee content

2013-14 committee members

Chair - Carol Oyster
Secretary/Recorder - Kristin Koepke
Affirmative Action - Nizam Arain 
Disability Resource Services - Chris Coppess 
Human Resources - Deanna Kabliska 
Physical Plant/Facilities - Ed Scholl 
Faculty - David Annino (CBA); Carol Oyster (CLS); Patricia Ardovino (SAH) 
Students - Rob Thoen (Student Veterans); Chantel Banks 
At-Large - Kristin Koepke (CATL); Jake Speer (iComm)'


  • to advocate for individuals with disabilities at UW-La Crosse; 
  • to help the university maintain compliance with the letter and spirit of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act and other relevant laws and guidelines; 
  • to provide information about the needs and concerns of individuals with disabilities to the university community; and
  • to examine and evaluate the university’s efforts to meet the needs and address the concerns of individuals with disabilities.