U.S. Cultural and Academic Experiences

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Experience U.S. life on a college campus while advancing your academic English skills!

An on-campus residential program designed to prepare international students through cultural experiences and interactions on how to master the use of English language as expected by instructors in the U.S. classroom environment that requires: class participation and discussions, homework and group assignments, presentations, research and essay writing.

July 22–August 12, 2018
High School and University Student Academy

Objectives & Activities

U.S. Culture

Experience U.S. culture first-hand through a variety of interaction with native English speaking students, faculty and community members

  • Live on-campus in our residence halls
  • Participate in an on-campus meal plan
  • Interact in small group discussions and activities
  • Participate in recreational activities on-campus 
  • Visit local attractions and learn about La Crosse’s regional history and current culture
  • Participate in weekly local volunteering opportunities within the community
  • Visit local restaurants, shopping destinations and other area entertainment frequented by the local community
  • Participate in group activities off-campus arranged by university students, campus departments and community members
  • Travel on weekend excursions to larger metropolitan areas and tourist attractions in the Midwestern United States

Career and College Prep

Gain valuable instruction and practice specifically designed to prepare international students for college on a U.S. campus and employment with U.S. companies

  • Interact with university faculty in a classroom setting
  • Interact with university students and local high school students to learn about their experiences
  • Acclimate to on-campus life through hands-on experiences
  • Curriculum designed to address college preparation including
    • Essay writing
    • Reading and comprehending academic and research-based texts
    • Completing college applications
  • Interact with local employers and community in formal and informal settings
  • Participate in mock interviews
  • Curriculum designed to address U.S. business culture and practices including
    • Employment application and interviewing
    • U.S. business culture and etiquette
    • Skills for employment success

U.S. Classroom Culture

Experience first-hand the culture of the U.S. classroom in preparation for success in U.S. educational programs

  • All instruction taught in the format of a U.S classroom including
    • Small class sizes
    • Native English speaking instructors
    • Student-centered teaching methods
    • Focus on individual learning styles
  • Engage in the classroom through active participation and discussions
  • Participate in small group projects
  • Prepare and give presentations to peers
  • Practice essay writing and comprehension of academic and research-based texts
  • Practice with academic English and common classroom terminology


Practice for success in English-based classrooms, businesses and communities

  • Interact with native English speaking students, faculty and community members
  • Converse in English in a variety of settings through on-campus and off-campus experiences
  • Practice English speaking and comprehension in casual interactions through recreational and leisure planned activities
  • Practice English speaking and comprehension in formal interactions through classroom discussions and presentations, mock interviews and other role-play interactions