Learning in Retirement (LIR)

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LIR-people-headerWhat is Learning in Retirement (LIR)?

The Office of Continuing Education/Extension at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse established the Learning in Retirement (LIR) organization in 1994 as a way to recognize the importance of cultivating the great store of accumulated knowledge among our community of senior citizens and providing opportunities for continued educational growth. LIR is a learning community established to help meet the wide range of interests of the area's growing number of retired men and women.

Come See What We're All About! 

Attend a complimentary class (one session) before joining LIR by calling and notifying us of the session you wish to attend.

Why You Should Join:

  • To become a part of a UW-La Crosse organization created specifically to meet the lifelong educational interests and/or needs of mature adults.
  • To share with other LIR members what you have learned and experienced during your life.
  • To enjoy the special learning opportunities available in a friendly and stimulating atmosphere.
  • To have social interaction with other LIR members during classes and other organizational activities.

LIR courses

Classes are offered in the fall, spring and summer. Traditional courses meet for two hours, one day a week, for three to five weeks. Other classes may include educational tours and bus trips. LIR instructors are a mix of university professors, graduate students, and community members - all willing to volunteer by sharing their expertise.

Upcoming courses are announced in a quarterly newsletter sent to all members. Also, LIR has a variety of social activities and ongoing informal courses and discussion groups.


Men and women are invited to become members of Learning in Retirement and participate in its many diverse learning activities. Current members come from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. There are no educational prerequisites, no age limitations, no exams and no grades. Members share one essential attribute: the belief that learning is lifelong.

Annual membership cost is nominal and begins July 1, but prospective members may enroll at any time. Members can attend any of the courses offered for a small registration fee, although restrictions on class size may occasionally apply. Members pay no fees for Travel Talks and Cabin Fever Series. Additional fees apply to tours and bus trips.


If you have questions, need further information or want to attend a complimentary class, contact us at 608.785.6500 or email at conted@uwlax.edu.

Watch our Learning in Retirement video!

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"Something of interest to everyone" - LIR member