Learning in Retirement (LIR)

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In 2006 LIR established the Distinguished Service Award to be given each year to an outstanding LIR member or instructor. This award is presented annually at the spring breakfast meeting. In addition to receiving an award, the recipient will have his or her name engraved on a plaque to be placed on an LIR Distinguished Service Award board housed outside the Office of Continuing Education in Morris Hall. 

All members of LIR and all LIR instructors and program leaders, past and present (with the exception of current board members or employees of UWL) are eligible. Any current member of LIR may make a nomination. The Executive Committee will review the nominations made by the members and select the recipient of the annual Distinguished Service Award. 

Members are asked to submit a nomination for a recipient of the 2016 award to be presented at the Spring Annual Meeting. This nomination will include the name of the nominee, the nominator, and 50 to 100 words describing the exceptional contributions this nominee has made to Learning in Retirement.

Nomination Deadline: April 8, 2016

Distinguished Service Award Recipients:

2006  Jim Anderson 
2007  Max and Anne Farning 
2008  Tom Wirkus 
2009  Jane Aarstad 
2010  Lorraine McIlraith 
2011  Jan Olson 
2012  Phyllis Stevenson
2013 Bill & Mary Graumann
2014 Joe Heim 
2015 Bob Wingate
2016 Shirley Anderson

Email or mail your nomination to:
Karen McGarvey, kmcgarvey@uwlax.edu, 608.785.6500 
Office of Continuing Education and Extension, UW-La Crosse
1725 State St., 205 Morris Hall
La Crosse, WI 54601