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future-dates-image2016 Midwest Mathematical Biology Conference (MMBC)


May 21-22, 2016

The Midwest Mathematical Biology Conference (MMBC) will highlight current and future research trends in mathematical biology.

Faculty, student, and scientists are invited to engage in collaborative discussions on their research and curriculum endeavors.

MMBC will feature:

  • A diverse array of presentations (ranging from theoretical ecology and epidemiology to computational neuroscience)
  • A poster session
  • Two workshops
    • Biomath Curriculum Development: Tips/Trick
    • R-Bootcamp: An interactive introduction to R (U.S. Geological Survey - Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center)
  • Networking opportunities & stimulating discussions

For the past seven years, the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse has fostered an active research group in Mathematical Biology. Collaborations between the Mathematics and Biology departments have resulted in numerous papers, national grants, and the establishment of the MMBC.

The Intercollegiate Biomathematics Alliance (IBA) for Scholarship, Teaching, and Advanced Research (STAR) Development is a consortium of academic institutions as a platform for collaboration of researchers, educators, and scientists in order to provide a wide range of expertise and interests in biomathematics, ecology, and related areas to the future researchers, mathematics and biology educators, and currently active scholars.

Faculty and students of IBA Member Institutions are entitled to reduced registration costs. For more information about the IBA visit https://about.illinoisstate.edu/iba


La Crosse, WI is a beautiful city located on the Mississippi River surrounded by forested bluffs. It is home to the U.S. Geological Survey’s Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center and the La Crosse District’s U.S. Fish and Wildlife Resources office.  In addition, the area is a well-known destination for recreationists seeking hiking, cycling and kayaking opportunities. 

UWL is a proud institutional member of the Intercollegiate Biomathematics Alliance (IBA). The IBA is a diverse multi-institutional consortium that sponsors synergistic activities among biomathematician researchers, educators, and students in order to promote academic opportunities. Faculty and students from IBA institutes will receive a $20 reduction in registration costs to the MMBC.

We hope to see you in May!