Conference: January 12, 2019

Student Union, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
1 graduate credit available

Planned Sessions cover: 
 • Infant /Toddler • Children's House • Lower Elementary • Upper Elementary
 • Early Adolescence  • Administration • Parents • General

Who should attend:

  • Montessori educators and administrators
  • Public school educators and administrators
  • Private school educators and administrators
  • Parents
Workshop: January 13, 2019

The Dynamic Classroom: Managing the Elementary Curriculum

Presenter: Michael Dorer, Ed.D.

Managing the teaching and curriculum in the elementary Montessori classroom is daunting. How does it affect you? Learn how to offer the entire curriculum, develop a better functioning classroom, and increase your confidence. It is possible to teach the entire curriculum if positive Dynamic Classroom procedures are followed. You will leave this intensive workshop with a new, refreshed perspective on the elementary program, and a plan to be the guide you always wanted to be. View agenda >>>

Participant Outcomes:

The participants will:

  • Learn a system of regular curriculum management for Montessori Elementary programs
  • Identify three common management problems in Montessori elementary curriculum management
  • Discover eight solutions to common management problems
  • Learn the CORA approach
  • Reflect on the impact of a new management system
  • Plan the implementation of the Dynamic Classroom system

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