University credit

1 graduate credit available!

2018 Western WI Regional Montessori Conference:
"Children with Special Needs and Montessori Environments"

University credit course offered in partnership with WI Montessori Association

EDS 500, section 700

Course dates: January 13–March 4, 2018 (15 hours as arranged)

This class is geared for participants of the 2018 Wisconsin Regional Montessori Conference who wish to address underlying principles of the Montessori Method of education to their interactions with children with special needs. 

Objectives (participants will know and be able to do):

  1. Reflect on the information gleaned from attending the 2018 Wisconsin Regional Montessori Conference Saturday, January 13th, including Keynote speaker Jennifer Spikner’s best practices for including learners with special needs in Montessori environments and any other sessions addressing special education issues.
  2. Describe the benefits of including children with special needs in Montessori classrooms. How does the Montessori approach to education facilitate learning and development?
  3. What challenges, obstacles and/or concerns do you see regarding inclusion in your current Montessori school? If you are not presently working in a Montessori school, please respond to this in more general terms. What suggestions do you have for moving forward to address these challenges? 
  4. Select one aspect of inclusion and Montessori. This could be a specific disability or special need, collaboration with service providers, partnering with families, differentiation or any other topic/issue of special education that is important to you. Describe what it is like in your room/school now, try out pertinent ideas gleaned from the conference, and reflect on any change that occurs as a result. Include at least five current professional references that pertain to your topic. Your description should be 2 to 3 double-spaced pages. 

Course requirements:

  1. Full attendance at the 2018 Wisconsin Regional Montessori Conference Saturday, January 13th, UW-La Crosse Student Union
  2. Meeting face-to-face with instructor on January 13th to review expectations, obtain the essay rubric, and answer any questions
  3. Declaration through email correspondence with instructor of a tentative topic to research and apply to classroom/students
  4. Each participant will email instructor an inquiry-based paper addressing the objectives above. It will include a minimum of five current professional citations to support the work.

Instructional methods:

Face-to-face meeting with instructor/Lecture/workshops at the conference/email correspondence with the instructor, Nancy Schaitel:

Course syllabus

Assessment procedures:

  1. Attendance at the conference
  2. Meeting face-to-face with the instructor 
  3. Inquiry-based paper with five current professional references 

Standards addressed in course:

  • WI Teacher Standards:  #2, 3, & 5
  • WI Model Early Learning Standards: All may be addresses in participant’s work


UWL academic credit registration form and online admission application directions

Deadline: UWL online admission application, credit course registration form and payment must all be received by January 13, 2018.

Registration in and payment for university credit course is in addition to registration and payment for conference.

One graduate credit is available to participants. The student must attend the conference to receive credit. Registration and payment can be made at the conference or by contacting Briana Meuer at or 608.785.6513.

Last date to withdraw from this course is Friday, January 19, 2018. You must contact Briana Meuer AND the instructor, Nancy Schaitel, to initiate the withdrawal. Failure to do so may result in the inability to withdraw, resulting in a ‘F’ grade. Only withdrawals initiated before the deadline date of January 19th will be eligible for a 100% refund.

Questions, please contact:
Briana Meuer, Credit Coordinator 608.785.6513 or toll free 1.866.895.9233