How many credits will I earn? expanding section

You will earn a total of 15 graduate credits. These will include: 6 credits in the spring (two totally online courses); 6 credits in the summer to be taught in a hybrid fashion; and 3 credits in the fall for your clinical experience (when you will apply in your classroom what you learned in the spring and summer courses).

What is a hybrid class? expanding section

A hybrid class incorporates both face-to-face class sessions as well as on-line instruction and individual work.

Can these graduate credits count towards a master's degree? expanding section

Most likely, yes. These courses are part of the required coursework for a master's degree in health education at UWL (currently on hold) and may serve as electives in other degree programs. Prior to taking these courses, confirm that the credits will transfer and may be used in the master's degree program at your chosen university. Many students start their master's degree or add on to current coursework by taking these classes.

How much will it cost to attend? expanding section

You will pay UWL tuition for spring and fall coursework per credit hour. During the summer, you will be considered a full-time student. You can see an example of this year's tuition costs at, under Tuition Costs and Billing Information. Federal financial aid is not available for students pursuing an add-on teaching certification. Private educational loan opportunities are also limited for non-degree seeking students. However, students enrolled in a graduate program which leads to a degree (MS, MPH, etc.) may be eligible for financial aid. Please contact the Director of the program you plan to apply to for questions on other potential enrollment options.

How many people will be in my class? expanding section

The enrollment will be limited to 15 students.

How much work can I expect within the program? expanding section

Expect to spend approximately 10-15 hours on course work during each week of a specified course. This includes the weeks in between specific meeting dates during the summer months.

I am nervous about not fulfilling the time requirement for completing coursework. What do you recommend? expanding section

Our program provides students with the needed skills and knowledge base to be effective school health educators. Time is required to complete assignments and course requirements, yet, with effective time management, students are successful in completing work.

Who do I contact for more information? expanding section

Lori Reichel, PhD

910 Add-On License Program Director 
Graduate School Health Program Director or 608.785.6787