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Wisconsin Art Education Association: Art with Purpose

UWL offers 1 GRAD credit


EDS 500, section 700
Course dates:
October 27—December 3, 2017
(15 hours as arranged)

Wisconsin Art Education Association (WAEA)
Conference dates: Oct. 27-28, 2017
Fort Atkinson High School, Fort Atkinson, Wis.

Target audience:  K-12 Art Educators

Conference registration is separate from credit course registration.
To register for conference: WAEA

Conference fee is separate and in addition to credit tuition fee. One GRAD credit is available to participants. The student must attend the conference to receive credit.

UWL academic credit registration & online admission application directions
Registration deadline: October 27

To register for credit course contact: Briana Meuer, Credit Coordinator, 608.785.6513 or

Individuals attending and participating in the WAEA Fall Conference may elect to sign up for one UWL course credit by completing the following course work. Individuals will be responsible for attending all general sessions and sectional presentations of interest to the course participant. 

Completion of 2-3 pages of reflections on readings and connections made at the conference as well as a meaningful project that could include application of ideas gained to be applied in your teaching profession. Examples could include but are not limited to a lesson plan, reflective journal, work of art, blog creation, wiki creation, website, and or a PowerPoint presentation. Course work must be completed by the specified deadline and will be evaluated by a course rubric in order to receive course credit.

Objective (participants will know and be able to): Apply new learning from conference sessions attended to particular teaching setting.

Course requirements:

  • Full attendance at conference
  • 2-3 page reflections on any reading material from sectionals, keynote and professional connections made at the conference
  • Development of meaningful project for your particular teaching context to include application of ideas gains in the conference

Instructional methods:

  • Conference lecture: There is no specific textbook that can be recommended. Books, periodical and newsletter information from presenters is readily accessible at session site. Any other resources from the sessions are encouraged to be used during any large and small group sharing session. Lectures, keynote presentations, Wikis, Prezis, multi-media presentations, hand-on workshops and walking tours are methods for instruction throughout the conference.

Assessment procedures:

Participation and written work should be completed at the highest standard of quality and at the graduate level (RUBRIC will be available).

Instructor: Carissa Brudos, WAEA awards chair
Course syllabus

Wisconsin Teaching Standards:  #1, 3, 4, 9, 10

What past participants have to say: 

"Through my attendance at the WAEA fall conference this year, I brought back with me many ideas to use with my students and share with other teachers. In each of my sessions, I learned about actual classroom activities, discussed topics with colleagues or acquired information about assessment procedures." - past participant

"I walked away from the conference refreshed and excited with a few new contacts and connections. I was very glad that I went and want to go again next year. It was a great experience, if I can find the time off of work and get the money to attend, I will go again next year."past participant

"This was such a wonderful conference...It was held at the perfect time of year when the energy of the new school year is just beginning to die down and some rejuvenation is needed. I found all that and more at this year’s conference."past participant

"Being an art teacher can be very isolating, so I looked forward to the conference as an opportunity to network with other teachers, to learn new instructional methods and to revisit old ones, to find new ways to engage with my local community, and to get a chance to do some art of my own at the hands-on workshops."past participant