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UWL offers 1 GRAD credit

EDS 500, section 719
GRAD course dates: June 19–July 14, 2017
 (15 hours as arranged)

GRAD credit course registration is separate and in addition to tour registration.

To register for the tour:

Tour fee is separate and in addition to credit tuition fee. One GRAD credit is available to participants. The student must attend the tour to receive GRAD credit.

UWL academic credit registration & online admission application directions
GRAD credit registration deadline: June 23

To register for GRAD credit course contact: Briana Meuer, Credit Coordinator, 608.785.6513 or

Tour information:

Tour dates: June 19–21, 2017 (8:30–4:30 each day)
Tour cost: $75, includes lunches, travel during the day, instruction, and admission fees (lodging not included, but a stipend per night may be available)
Tour application form. Tour deadline is Friday, May 26.
Milwaukee and Franklin, Wis.

GRAD course description:

WI Teachers of Local Culture tours immerse K-12 educators into the cultures of Wisconsin communities. The 2017 “Native Milwaukee” tour will have 3 days of instruction, each running from 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. for a total of 24 contact hours. Each day, participants will hear presentations from site hosts and take part in hands-on activities, from interviewing and photography to traditional art forms (social dance, learning a song in Oneida language, beading in Iroquois raised style, for examples), and experiencing traditional foods. They will explore two exhibits: 1) Bittersweet Winds, an exhibit on Native American imagery and discuss it with the Menominee curator and the Indian Council of Elders, and 2) “Exploring Native Culture: Then and Now” with the Stockbridge-Munsee curator and the 5th grade students who contributed to it. Reflective discussion and writing exercises will be included each day. Many activities will be modeled. Instructors will accompany participants to emphasize the tour’s interdisciplinary nature and its grounding in folklore: Dr. Anne Pryor (anthropology, art, education, and Instructor of Record); Dr. Mary Hoefferle (arts education, folklore), Kaitlyn Berle (folklore, special education); James Kelly (Oneida elder and artist).

GRAD course objectives:

  • identify elements of local culture
  • investigate those elements through ethnographically oriented interviewing and use of digital media tools
  • identify social and aesthetic forces that shape local culture
  • identify at least six cultural assets that have been developed and maintained by the urban American Indian community in Milwaukee
  • model behaviors that counter common negative stereotypes about Native Americans 
  • develop place-based inquiry-driven local culture learning opportunities for their students.

Teaching Standards addressed in this course:
WI Teacher Standards: 1 and 10
Model Academic Standards:
Geography A.4.7, A.12.9
History B.4.1, B.4.3, B.4.4, B.4.10, B.8.1, B.8.4, B.8.5, B.8.11, B.12.1, B.12.4, B.12.12, B.12.18
Behavioral Sciences E.4.4, E.4.5, E.4.6, E.4.8, E.4.11, E.4.14, E.8.3, E.8.5, E.8.7, E.8.9, E.8.10, E.12.8, E.12.10, E.12.12
Art A.4/8/12.3, A.4/8/12.6, G.4/8/12.1, G.4/8/12.2, I.4/8/12.5, J.4/8/12.3, J.4/8/12.8

Course syllabus

Instructor: Anne Pryor, Ph.D.