Mandala 1  A Mandala is a symbolic object from the classic Sanskrit language meaning circle.  While it can have many meanings, the Mandala is thought to stand for wholeness.   Mandala is of Hindu origin, but is also used in many cultures/religions such as Buddhism, Native American, Celtic, Judaism, African, Asian, Christian, Islam, and Polynesian.  They are becoming more widely accepted as a healing tool in medicine. Research shows that coloring, creating, or viewing Mandalas can be meditative, creative, and stress reducing. 

Mandala 3  These websites contain Mandala displays that you can enjoy, print, and/or use as wallpaper for your desk top.  

Mandala 2 The Counseling and Testing Center has a supply of Mandala templates that are available free of charge.  Stop by our office to view our displays and pick up the templates for your own use and enjoyment.  Students and staff report that coloring the Mandalas is a very nice experience.


The following websites contain free Mandala designs that you can download and color.