Student of Color Process Group

Student of Color Support Group

The Student of Color Support Group is an open, no appointment needed, drop-in processing space for students of color who identify as a member of a racial/ethnic minority group. We ask our White allies to seek support from the CTC in other ways, and to connect on campus through our partners in Campus Climate.


Topics of discussion in group may include but is not limited to: rigors of higher education, being a first-generation student, racial and social injustice, 2020 presidential election, microagressions, and more.


Is this Group right for you?

This group is right for students who:

  • Have been impacted by microagressions in a predominantly white institution
  • Feel excluded from the broader, majority student population
  • Have concerns and restlessness over the nation’s current political climate
  • Want to discuss about racial and social injustices
  • Want to build deeper connection and belonging with other peers of color


This process group is NOT a treatment group. It is designed for students to bring topics of discussion to the table with the facilitators offer support, listening ears, and help guide the discussion. This group is not a substitute for formal counseling and the CTC would like to encourage you to seek formal counseling If you have concerns that requires one-on-one support. If you have any questions, please contact the Counseling & Testing Center.


When and Where is this Group?

This group will be held every Tuesday from 4pm-5pm (CST) via Webex. At this time, there will be no in-person meeting due to the COVID-19 public health crisis.



Where do I find this Group?

During the Fall 2020 semester, you can access the Student of Color Support Group on our secure video platform at

This group room is only monitored during the hour listed above. Please contact the CTC at 608-785-8073 with any questions or concerns during normal hours, or if you are in a crisis.


The facilitators will admit you to the meeting room about five minutes before group is scheduled to begin. We hope this group will meet in-person when it is safe to do so!


What do I need to know?

Because any student can attend on a “drop-in” basis, we will do our best to encourage privacy for any concern you may bring to group, but cannot guarantee confidentiality. You should only share what you are comfortable with sharing.

We uphold the privacy, dignity, and concerns of each individual; therefore, we ask that if you participate, you will uphold these values as well by not sharing anything you learn about other group members outside of the group and being respectful of other student’s process and concerns. Group norms (agreements) will always be discussed at the beginning of each session.