Production staff

Director, School of Arts & Communication: Dr. Julia Johnson 

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Festival Coordinator: Laurie Kincman 

 laurie head shot

Steering Committee: Dena Huisman, Kathleen Hawkes, Laurie Kincman, Tom Seddon 

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Student Coordinators: Erica Bush, Justin Cooke, Olivia Kennedy, Chelsey Neitzke, Bret Rademacher, Angela Schrabeck 

student coordinators

Website and Production Assistant: Noelle Ponasik

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Creative Crush Video Production: Pat Turner, John Church, Aaron Engstrand, Devin Jennings, Troy Neumann, Nick Ragner, Alex Riley - CST Advanced Video Production 


Map Design: Stella Vognar  

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Dr. Heidi Macpherson, Provost; Dr. Ruthann Benson, Dean of College of Liberal Studies; Maripat Coughlin; Krista Shulka; Susan Schuyler; the faculty, staff, and students of the departments of Art, Communication Studies, Music, and Theatre Arts; UWL Visiting Scholars of Color Program; University Communications; Jacob Speer