Production staff

Student Coordinators

Catherine Craft

Sarah Daentl

James Isler

Paul Jewson

Baley Murphy


2018 Festival Graphic Design

Alexis Wolf & Rachel Ajack

Creative Imperatives Logo Design

Susan Schuyler

Special thanks

Special thank you to the faculty, staff and students of the departments of Art, Communication Studies, Music, and Theatre Arts.  We would also like to thank the following people:

Dr. Julia Johnson, Robert Hetzel, Dr. Betsy Morgan, Misha Bolstad, Tara Reiter-Marolf, Nicole Novak, Sharon Shugrue, Krista Shulka, Michael Slevin, Rebecca Neitzel, Victoria Rahn, Stacey Strittmater, Jacob Speer, Stephanie Speer, Brant Mayer, Shawn Frederick, and Terry Wirkus.