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If you are interested in helping patients, have strong communication skills, enjoy working with your hands as well as your mind, and want a career with responsibility, dentistry may be your calling.

Dentists play a significant role in our oral health care throughout our lives. Whether it's maintenance in our early years, braces in our adolescent years, or treatment for gum disease or teeth extractions in our senior years, successful dentists are capable and compassionate practitioners.


See for more information on dentistry.

Make your intention to pursue a career in Dentistry official by adding it as an "intended pre-professional track".


  • General Biology (BIO 105) 
  • A second course in biology, such as Organismal Biology (BIO 203) 


  • General Chemistry I & II (CHM 103 & CHM 104) 
  • Organic Chemistry I & II (CHM 303 & CHM 304) with laboratory (CHM 302 or CHM 305) 


  • 200-level English course (ENG 2xx Literature), in addition to College Writing (ENG 110)  


  • Precalculus (MTH 151), recommended in preparation for the DAT 


  • Fundamental Physics I & II (PHY 103 & PHY 104) or General Physics I & II (PHY 203 & PHY 204) 

Social Sciences 

  • General Psychology (PSY 100) 

Additional requirements (highly recommended; sometimes required) 

  • Biochemistry (CHM 325) 
  • Anatomy & Physiology (BIO 312 & 313) 
  • Fundamentals of Microbiology (MIC 230) 
  • Statistics (STAT 145 or MTH 265) 

Declaring a Pre-Dentistry track will help you determine common requirements for dental schools in our region. However, each program's requirements vary. When selecting coursework, it is important to consult the websites of the programs to which you plan to apply, and meet with your advisor.

Dr. Michael Abler works with Pre-Dentistry students:, 608-785-6962.

Pre-Dentistry is NOT a major at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. It is a statement of your intention to apply to dental schools. You will still need to select a major to complete a degree at UWL.

  • Check out the American Dental Education Association’s (ADEA) GoDental link. ADEA GoDental is an initiative by the American Dental Education Association that provides those considering dentistry information and guidance to apply to programs, matriculate, and eventually fulfill dental career goals:
  • See Apply with confidence for information on personal statements, letters of recommendation, interviewing, and more.