Pre-medicine is NOT a major at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. 

It is a statement of your intention to go to medical school someday. Our pre-med advising will help you prepare for medical programs around the country.

Med 3

Students interested in Medicine are encouraged to check out the Pre-Med Chapter of American Medical Student Association and the Student Osteopathic Medical Association (AMSA and SOMA)

  • If you need to update your major and/or add Pre-Med to your record in order to obtain an advisor, visit the College of Science and Health in 205 Graff Main Hall 
  • The Pre-Med Committee is also available for advising based on major, please review this document to find out more about the Pre-Med Committee
  • Most medical students are admitted after earning a bachelor's degree

  • Students applying to medical school must take the MCAT, more information about the newest version of the MCAT 2015

  • For specific information on requirements, refer to the websites for each school you are interested in applying to

  • The Pre-Med Committee has created a document with detailed information regarding requirements for medical school

  • Required courses include biology, physics, chemistry, English, and mathematics

  • The majority of pre-med students major in biochemistry, chemistry, biology, or microbiology, however students are not limited to these majors

  • All courses necessary for a pre-medicine curriculum are available at UW-La Crosse

  • UW-La Crosse pre-medicine curriculum satisfies the minimum requirements for UW-Madison and the Medical College of Wisconsin

  • For specific information on prerequisites, refer to the websites for each school you are interested in applying to

The Pre-Medicine Committee is a group of faculty advisors and a representative from the College of Science and Health (CSH) brought together to aid pre-med students on their journey to medical school. 

The Committee has created a document with in depth information regarding the committee itself and the process of applying to medical school.