Pre-Forestry is NOT a major at UWL; it is a statement of your intention to go into the field of forestry someday. Our pre-forestry advising will help you prepare for forestry programs and jobs around the country.

Forestry includes jobs and careers including the following: timber buyer, district or city forester, natural resource manager, forest supervisor, forest engineer, insect and disease specialist, tree improvement forester, park ranger, pulp and paper chemist, fire control officer, land use planner, forest ecologist, university faculty, arborist, silviculturist, wood technologist, forest pathologist, forest entomologist, or an environmental education specialist.


Students interested in Forestry should check out the Geography Club.

For Forestry advising, please see Dr. Tim Gerber (608.785.6977,

Generally requires junior status with 60 semester credits

Requires calculus, chemistry, and physics during the first two years of course work