Pre-occupational therapy

The Prep Work

Preparation for graduate study in Occupational Therapy is, in reality, a research project that falls on your shoulders. UW-La Crosse is a gold mine, but you get to do the digging! The tips shared here are intended to give you a nudge in the right direction, however, this is not intended to be a comprehensive guide. 
You'll need to do plenty of your own investigative work in preparing for OT/PT graduate school!
Think about expanding your network of advisors to include pre-professional clubs, faculty, university staff, and those with connections in the healthcare field. No single person, handbook, or website will have all the answers, so be an energetic, savvy investigator.

It's Never Too Early to Begin

In addition to UW-La Crosse, where else will you apply? You will want to start forming your list of potential OT schools early in your academic career, and the first year of college is not too soon. Admission requirements-including prerequisite courses-may differ from school to school, so you want to plan ahead! You may search for other accredited OT programs by visiting the AOTA website.

Pre-OT students are strongly suggested to join a Pre-OT club!

The clubs provide several important things to help you advance towards graduate school

  1. Advisory information and updates about OT
  2. Periodic visits from the OT faculty, Health Professions Staff, and OT/PT professionals
  3. Community service opportunities related to OT
  4. Hopefully, a peer group where everyone may pool their collective focus, energy-making everyone better in the process!

UWL has two Pre-Occupational Therapy organizations on campus: Pre-Occupational Therapy Club (Pre-OT Club) and Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)