Freshman advising

Need Advising?

Check your WINGS Student Center to see who your current advisor is.

Don’t have an advisor listed on your Student Center; you can make an appointment with an advisor in the CSH office via 608.785.8156.

Advising Information Session 

CSH College Freshman Handout


Visit the CSH office (205 Graff Main Hall) to declare your major or visit the Academic Advising Center to explore all the majors UWL has to offer.

Pre-Health Advising

If you are interested in any pre-health programs, such as Pre-Med, Pre-PA, Pre-PT, or Pre-OT, etc. you can declare an intent to complete in the CSH office. Once you declare your intent, you will be given a Pre-Health Advisor to answer pre-health questions and discuss prerequisite coursework, application processes, and more with.