Ineligible students

Probation Standards and Ineligible to Continue  Appeals

Students must maintain a minimum academic standard in order to continue at UWL. Based on grades earned at UW-La Crosse, a student will be assigned a Good Standing, Probation, or Ineligible to Return status. These standards are defined in the  UWL Catalog in the Academic Regulations and Student Conduct section under the subsection of Retention, Probation, and Suspension . It is possible for a first semester student or for a student never before on Probation to be declared Ineligible to Return!

Ineligible student appeals

Students declared academically Ineligible to Return may appeal their status by writing a 1-page, detailed letter of appeal addressed to the Dean's Appeals Committee. Please follow the directions provided below:

  1. The Committee appreciates all the information you may supply, and your appeal should address these questions:
    1. What has contributed to your poor academic performance?
    2. How will you improve your performance this coming semester?
    3. What major/academic program do you intend to pursue?
  2. Letters should be no more than one 1-page in length and please include a current phone number to facilitate efficient communication.
  3. Appeal process:  direct your appeal to the College of CSH Dean's Office – Academic Services Office. To save your next semester schedule your appeal should be sent ASAP (by email, fax or mail as directed below):
    1. Email: or
    2. NOTE: If emailing the letter, send from your UWL email address
    3. Mail:205 Graff Main Hall, 1725 State Street, La Crosse, WI 54601;
    4. Fax608-785-6520.
  4. Please direct all correspondence and questions to:
    1. 205 Graff Main Hall, 608-785-8156. 

If your appeal is approved by the Dean's Appeals Committee, you will be permitted to return on probation this coming semester.

However, if your appeal is denied by the Dean's Appeals Committeeyou have the right to bring your original appeal before the Committee for Academic Policies and Standards (CAPS), which meets prior to the beginning of the spring semester. This is the final level of appeal; if CAPS denies the appeal, you must remain out of school for two semesters.

Appeals Process


Appeal Format

Priority Date

Outcome of Appeal

1. Dean’s Appeal Committee

Letter of Appeal

Before June 1, 2017 to avoid elimination of your Fall 2017 class schedule

Successful—allowed to return on probation

Unsuccessful—ineligible status remains, may appeal to CAPS

2. Appeal to CAPS

Appeal In-person before faculty committee

Please contact the Dean’s Office for the date to appeal in person before CAPS

Successful-- allowed to return on probation

Unsuccessful—ineligible status remains for at least one academic year

View a sample letter format