Transfer advising

Interested in applying?

Contact the Admissions Office for information regarding the application process

For questions regarding how specific coursework will transfer to an CSH program, call 608.785.8156

The College of Science and Health would like to warmly welcome you to UWL! Once you are admitted, you should receive and thoroughly read your packet sent from the Admissions Office. If you did not receive a packet, it may have been sent to your home address, so please make arrangements to get your hands on that information as soon as possible. Read about your next steps!

Students often decide to take courses at other institutions during the various breaks throughout the year (such as winter intersession or summer)

  • Prior to taking a course at another institution, complete the Off Campus Course Evaluation and Permitform in 205 Graff Main Hall BEFORE registering for the course.
  • This will ensure that the course will transfer appropriately to UWL and fulfill intended requirements

Note: Students MAY NOT REPEAT a course at another institution once it has been taken at UWL