Posted 10:19 a.m. Thursday, May 5, 2022

The need for social support has become more visible during the COVID 19 pandemic many learned how to cope with isolation and health scares. While the need for support in troubled times is often significant, research often finds that satisfaction with the support received is less than ideal and people often don’t know what to say to others in distress, says UW-La Crosse Associate Professor of Communication Studies Dena Huisman.

Huisman shares how people can improve connections to others through more conscious and deliberate communication choices in this video, recorded during a TEDxUWLaCrosse event Tuesday, April 19. Huisman provides communication strategies to meet the individual and relational needs of loved ones needing support. She shates how cultural norms and expectations can help or hinder the success in relating meaningfully as humans experiencing challenges, and how careful attention to each other can overcome potential barriers to meaningful support.