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Below are some solutions that can aid assessment in D2L:

Dropbox (assignments) expanding section

Using the dropbox in D2L: Web resources web link

How to use the dropbox tool in D2Lvideo

How to use Turnitin with D2L:

Using the Assignment Grader iPad app to grade dropbox assignments:

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The ePortfolio component of D2L allows students and staff to create ePortfolio presentations. These presentations may be submitted to a D2L course dropbox, shared with others on campus, and shared with others outside the university. The ePortfolio presentation is linked to each student, however a course may assign an ePortfolio component and have the entire presentation submitted to a dropbox. The dropbox gives faculty a snap shot of the ePortfolio presentation.  There are Q & A sessions offered every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday during the semester from 5:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. in 23 Wing.

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Using D2L ePortfolios: Web resources web link

What are ePortfolios? How do use ePortfolios in my teaching? web link

For more information on using D2L ePortfolios, please contact Saundra Solum