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Faculty and staff committees

A page within Diversity & Inclusion

UWL committees offer many ways to contribute your skills and expertise to advancing the Inclusive Excellence initiative. This page lists the committees with diversity roles, but remember that IE is a campus-wide initiative that involves EVERY committee on our campus!

CASSH Inclusive Excellence Committee
Advises the Dean of the College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Humanities on matters of diversity affecting the College and facilitates the development of curriculum, teaching, research, and service on diversity issues.

Equity Liaison Initiative
The Equity Liaison Initiative is a strategic, cooperative, campus-wide effort to identify and close equity gaps affecting students and employees. The equity liaison is a faculty or staff member designated within each unit who analyzes and interprets equity data, gathers relevant resources, and advocates for evidence-based strategies to help their unit better anticipate and address these equity gaps.

Bias Support & Education Team (BS&ET)
The BSET exists to address forms of bias through consistent campus climate assessment, proactive education, and comprehensive response and support to individuals impacted by bias. We envision an atmosphere of civility and respect prevails in all forms of expression and interaction in order to develop a community of belonging.

Individuals With Disabilities Advocacy Council (IDAC)
Assesses disability needs, designs and promotes the implementation of accommodation procedures and policies and other disability related functions on campus, and promotes awareness of disability related concerns.

Joint Committee on Free Speech Promotion (JCFSP)
Created by Chancellor Joe Gow in 2019, The JCFSP is charged with creating an event (or events) to help our campus celebrate national Free Speech Week each year during the third full week of October.

Joint Multicultural Affairs Committee (JMAC)
Advises the Vice Chancellor for Diversity & Inclusion on the implementation of Inclusive Excellence, acts as an advisory committee to the Office of Multicultural Student Services, and advises the Chancellor of any racial/ethnic related concerns.

Violence Prevention Advisory Committee (VPAC)
The Violence Prevention Advisory Committee (VPAC) meets every other month to review campus policies and procedures regarding interpersonal violence and to support the mission of the Violence Prevention Office. The Violence Prevention Office provides free and confidential advocacy, information, and support to all UWL students, faculty, and/or staff members. Due to faculty involvement, the VPAC's meeting schedule often changes from semester to semester, but interested parties are welcome to call 785-5126 for a current meeting schedule.

Women's Advisory Council (WAC)
Promotes an environment for all campus women that: is free from sexual harassment and discrimination on any basis; is family-friendly and work-friendly; encourages mentoring among employees and students; promotes leadership opportunities for all women; and is supportive of the development in its broadest sense of each individual to the maximum of their interest and capability.

 Other diversity-related working groups and teams

Anti-Islamophobia Working Group
The Anti-Islamophobia Working Group strives to make UWL a welcoming environment that facilitates learning opportunities, embraces diversity, and enriches the campus experience.  Through interdisciplinary programming/events on campus, AIWG promotes public understanding and community exchange about inclusivity.