Betsy Morgan, Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

betsy headshot

What does it mean to provide leadership to Academic Affairs in the area of diversity? For me, it means a commitment to continually evolving the campus by listening and working across the units of student and academic affairs.  At UWL, Inclusive Excellence reflects involvement from students, staff, and faculty from across the campus – each of whom brings perspectives on the myriad of ways that the university is experienced by the individuals who create the campus climate.  Leadership on diversity also means that we listen acutely to those whose professional and personal experiences interface closely with individuals who come from historically disadvantaged backgrounds.  Unique to academic affairs is a focus on the student learning aspects of diversity including a host of interrelated areas such as curricular infusion, barriers to student success, promotion of universal design for optimal student learning, and awareness of the role of instructors in creating inclusive environments that promote academic equity and success.  Join me in actively exploring the ways in which our own experiences inform our work and in challenging ourselves to be genuine citizens of the 21st century.