Faculty & Staff: IE Planning and Professional Development

Inclusive Excellence-Related Planning and Professional Development for Faculty & Staff

Inclusive Excellence is a campus-wide initiative. It builds on both faculty and staff priorities: to provide the best education we possibly can, in the best workplace we can create. Everyone has a place at the table. Everyone can learn more. Everyone can benefit.

There's plenty to learn, and plenty of ways to learn!

Planning & Goal Setting: Remember that Inclusive Excellence is a process: we get there step-by-step, by making one manageable change after another. Here are some tools to help you.

  • UNITS (including academic departments):  The IE Scorecard for Unit Planning (opens in .docx) builds on the "Equity Scorecard" model that AAC&U and UW System have adopted for the Inclusive Excellence initiative. UWL's IE Implementation Taskforce adapted the IE Scorecard model and provided some action ideas and some possible assessment measures in each of the four IE Scorecard categories. Units can use this document for strategic planning around university-wide goals as well as unit-specific goals.
  • INSTRUCTORS: The Inclusive Excellence Inventory of Practices for Instructor Roles (open to UWL only) can help both individual instructors and academic departments to plan and enact specific changes specific to instructor responsibilities. The Inventory categories align with the Planning Document above. The system will return an individual report to the user with instructions to enter your participation into UWL's electronic portfolio.
    • Department chairs can request a department-level report that summarizes the inventory results for all the members of the department.
  • EVERYONE: The Inclusive Excellence Self-Developer offers ideas and helps individuals keep track of what they're doing every year. This generalized online inventory will return an email to you listing the items you selected to do.
  • REPORTING: Individuals and units should report their IE activities as part of their annual review or reporting processes. Academic departments and colleges should report aggregate and/or unit-wide activities in Digital Measures as part of their annual summaries.

Face-to-Face Workshops, Dialogues & Presentations:

  • INSTRUCTORS: Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning (CATL) works primarily with instructors. Learn how to define learning outcomes with diversity as a central component, incorporate diversity into courses, curricula, and teaching strategies, develop courses and learning experiences that research shows work well with a broad range of students. Learn to diagnose barriers to equity and to student learning and develop strategies to address them. The Inclusive Excellence section of the CATL website is under University-wide Initiatives.
  • Teach-Ins are offered on a regular basis on a variety of topics.
  • Cultural Competency (Campus Climate) series: facilitated discussions on a range of inclusivity and diversity issues.
  • Awareness through Performance A student troupe designs their own 1-act plays, with several performances annually. Your opportunity to hear from students! Don't miss it!