Our Offices, Our People


We provide services for Students with Disabilities.

Andrew Oliver  Profile of Andrew Oliver

Director of Access Center
165 Murphy Library

Specialty areas:

Autism Spectrum, Transition from high school to college

Campus Climate

We advance intersectional social justice and equity.

Amanda Goodenough  Profile of Amanda Goodenough  Meet with me

Director of Campus Climate
1123 Centennial Hall

Specialty areas:

Multiracialism, activism, microaggressions, racial justice, power & privilege, hate/bias response, cultural humility

Pride Center

Our Center seeks to provide ample educational opportunities and resources for UWL's students, faculty & staff including ally workshops, trainings, clubs, panels, books, documentaries, speakers, & student-led programs on current issues in our community.

Willem Vanroosenbeek  Profile of Willem Vanroosenbeek

Director of LGBTQA Services
2214 Student Union

Specialty areas:

Director of LGBTQA Services & Programs

Office of Multicultural Student Services (OMSS)

We work with and support students who self-identify as people of color.

TRIO Student Support Services (SSS)

A place where students come to find community and get the guidance they need to succeed.

Stacy Narcotta-Welp  Profile of Stacy Narcotta-Welp

Director, Student Support Services
2132 Centennial Hall

Specialty areas:

Leadership development training and instruction, including Strengths-based Leadership, Culturally Intelligent Leadership, and NCBI workshops.

Adjunct Faculty in Student Affairs Administration Graduate Program.

TRIO Upward Bound (UB)

We provide college and career access/readiness, guidance and support for first-generation and/or low-income high school students in the La Crosse and Monroe Counties.

Diversity & Inclusion Psychologist Liaison

Teresa DePratt

Title IX and Compliance

We respond to reports of sexual misconduct, take immediate action to eliminate sexual harassment or sexual violence, prevent its recurrence, and address its effects.  We also ensure UWL is in compliance with various federal, state, Board of Regents, and other applicable laws and policies.

Kara Ostlund

Kara Ostlund  Profile of Kara Ostlund

Director, Title Ix & Compliance
131 Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

Title IX; Federal, State, and Institutional Compliance

Diversity & Inclusion University Service Program Associate

Bruce Banes

Bruce Banes  Profile of Bruce Banes

University Service Program Associate
205 Graff Main Hall

Diversity & Inclusion Graduate Assistant

Yeng Houa Thao

2nd year - Student Affairs Administration 


205 Graff Main Hall | 608.785.5099