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Pearl Bearhart  Profile of Pearl Bearhart

Academic Department Associate
4300 Centennial Hall

Specialty areas:

Ethnic and Racial Studies
608-785-8223 | 224 Wimberly Hall | M-F 7:00-11:00 a.m

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
608-785-8357 | 4300 Centennial Hall | M-F 12:00 - 4:00 p.m

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Department people

Richard Breaux  Profile of Richard Breaux  Office hours

Associate Professor
224B Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

African American History, African American Studies, Black Students at PWIs, African American Film and Music, Queer Black Studies, African American Sport History, Race and Mental Health in Media, Syrian/Lebanese American History to 1965

Shuma Iwai  Profile of Shuma Iwai

Associate Lecturer
224C Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

World History, Asian History, Asian American Studies, Religion, Intercultural Studies, Race and Media

Diana Moran-Thundercloud  Profile of Diana Moran-Thundercloud  Office hours

224D Wimberly Hall

Specialty areas:

Critical Race Theory. Educational Research.  Narrative Inquiry. Ethnography. Action Research. Latin American "Testimonies" & Oral History.

Civil Rights. Human Rights.  Chicano/a Movement. "MEXICA" Movement in the United States (and Mexico).  Chicano/a Educational History.  Native Educational History. Civil Rights History in the USA.   Women of Color Activists.  Violence Against Native Indigenous Women in the United States (and Americas). Femicide in the Americas. Environmental Racism in the United States & Latin America. Environmental Justice in the United States & Latin America.  Standing Rock Movement: 2016.    Native Rights in America (and in the Americas). Women of Color and their Children: Advocacy in Communities of Color.  Conflict in Latino/a and Native Communities in High-Conflict Zones:  Grief and Loss. 

Invited Regional Faculty Associate:  Latin American Studies, UW-Milwaukee: Areas of Focus--
Venezuela Diaspora in the Americas and United States,  Migration, Immigration, & Mass Exodus from Central America  & Latin America into the United States. Native Indigenous Leaders in Migration and Exodus in the Americas--United States. Children of Undocumented in the United States.  Native Indigenous Women & Children Incarcerated in Immigration Centers in the Southwest---United States.  Native Indigenous Languages & Rights in the United States. 

Immigration. Migration.  US-Mexican Border.  Rural Latino/as in Midwest.  Juan Crow Laws. Wisconsin Tribal Issues---Education and Environment!  (Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota).  Dakota.  Lakota. Ho-Chunk.   Issues of Race & Hate in American Society and American Institutions.  Civil Rights Law.  Bilingual Education Law.  Language/Culture.  Women of Color Activists.  Women of Color:  Children & Poverty.  Grief & Loss in Places of Conflict regarding Latino/as and in Indian Country.   Native Traditional Life & Spirituality.  Native Storytelling.

Native American Studies.  Native American Leadership in Community-Based Programs.  Native Education in Indian Country!

Holocaust Educator.  I have spent 9 years as a Holocaust Educator through the Viterbo University Holocaust Educator Workshop in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

I hold a Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction professional license as a Superintendent. (K-12 Education).     My work is focused on Native Indigenous Education in the Americas.  United States, Mexico, Central America, and South America. Language, Culture, Race, and Disability.  Environmental Education!

I hold the following Educational Licenses:  Wisconsin DPI


Director of Instruction

Director of Special Education and Pupil Services

Aldo Leopold Leadership Training 2018

I am the 2019-2020  Edgewood College  "Community Fellow" on Social Innovation and Sustainabiblity.  Madison, Wisconsin.

I am a Wisconsin Master Naturalist and Teacher Trainer.   UW-Extension.  I volunteer time within the community.  Service to community.

I am also finishing my doctorate from Edgewood College in Educational Leadership: Native Leadership in Community-Based Programs.   I am will complete my "Social Innovation and Sustainability Certificate" from Edgewood College this May 2020.

I have been an invited guest lecturer in various places in the United States, Mexico, and Latin America.    I have enjoyed traveling to visit schools and communities in various places including Vietnam, Korea, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, Canada, and Peru.  I will be back to Peru and Chile this winter break!


Dr. Carol Oyster

Dr. James Parker