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The Ethnic and Racial Studies (ERS) minor is an interdisciplinary degree designed to provide students with a better understanding of the enormous diversity of American society and culture.  The ERS minor will enhance the educational experience in all degrees and programs across the university.  It will also provide students with a practical understanding of the changing racial and ethnic structure of the American economy and work place.  Career options and majors that can be paired with the ERS minor include:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Education (all levels)
  • History
  • Human Resources
  • Human Services
  • International Education
  • Journalism                                                    
  • Business/International Business
  • Marketing
  • Management/International Management
  • Peace Corps 
  • Philosophy                                                    
  • Social Work/Sociology                                                          
  • Psychology/School Psychology                     
  • Community Health Education                       
  • Women's Studies
  • Communication Studies
  • Political Science/Public Administration/Law       
  • College Student Development & Administration
  • Allied Science/Medical/Nursing