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Accelerating Effective Approaches for Engaging People in Active Transportation

Friday, May 19, 2017

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse


Join us at the Midwest Active Transportation Conference for one day of active learning, networking, collaboration, and continuing education. We are celebrating the bonds of all who share an interest in empowering people in our communities by increasing awareness, implementation, and coordination of active transportation.

Our primary goal is encouraging and accelerating effective strategies for engaging people in active modes of transportation.


We are targeting professionals in health promotion, community wellness, urban design/planning/engineering and transportation.


  • Creating equity in transportation
  • Trends in society reflecting shifting paradigms in active transportation
  • Planning Policy, and urban designing challenges and solutions
  • Current research detailing/fueling public health concerns motivating measures supporting active transportation
  • Current best practices/approaches in Active Transportation mobilization
  • Big Picture Views of how Active Transportation impacts society to better understand the dynamics and barriers of promoting active transportation initiatives.


Change Agent: $750

  • Opportunity to introduce a session and be listed a second time in the program as that session sponsor
  • One table in the vendor area
  • Listed in the program, on the website, and included on all marketing (print and digital)
  • Two conference registrations 

Innovator: $300

  • One table in the vendor area
  • Listed in the program and on the website
  • One conference registration

Inspirational Friend: $50

  • Listed in the program
  • Opportunity to have brochure materials on display with other materials at the conference
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