Is Concurrent Enrollment for me? expanding section

If you are considering enrolling in a concurrent enrollment course you should have a strong academic background in all areas. To take a concurrent enrollment course, you must first be admitted to UW-La Crosse. This means you must meet the university’s admission requirements and be ready to complete college level work (see student requirements).  

Enrollment in a concurrent enrollment course is the start of your university record and your grades in these courses become a part of your permanent academic record.  You should be confident that you can handle a college course and motivated to do so. The concurrent enrollment program should not be considered as a “practice run” for college. 

Are Placement Tests required? expanding section

Some courses require placement test scores. For example, English 110 requires a passing score on the WI English Placement Test. These tests are typically held on the UWL campus in the spring, as well as at other sites around the state and online. Your school counselor will tell you if the concurrent enrollment course you want to take requires a placement test. If so, you should plan to schedule the test in enough time for your score to be available to the UWL Admissions Office ( 

How can a high school teacher teach a college course and what role does the UWL faculty member play? expanding section

High school teachers selected to teach concurrent enrollment courses meet rigorous content and teaching standards comparable to UWL faculty teaching the same subject. UWL faculty and your high school teacher work together on the content, assignments and tests. Course learning outcomes are designed to meet both your high school and the college course requirements. Your teacher and the UWL faculty member communicate regularly before, during and after the course. This may include visits by faculty to your high school classroom and visits by your teacher to the university classroom (see high school teacher requirements).

Where are the courses taught? expanding section

Courses are taught in your school by high school teachers with the close collaboration of UWL faculty. Some courses that include a lab component may occur on the UWL campus and others such as English 110 and CST 110 may include trips to the Campus Library and Speaking Center.

Do I pay tuition to UWL? expanding section

Yes, you are responsible for payment of tuition and fees but your cost as a concurrent enrollment student is significantly lower than the full tuition rate you would pay as a college student. Your school district will notify you of the cost and when the tuition is due; you make your payment to your school district. UWL collects all fees for students enrolled in concurrent enrollment courses from their district. Tuition for the 2021-2022 academic year is $110 per credit.

Will I get a grade? expanding section

UW-La Crosse does not mail paper grades or transcripts to students. You may access your grade report and order an official transcript through your student account, the WINGS Student Center or order an official transcript here: Grades are posted within one week of the course end date.

Your UWL transcript will list the university course name, number, and the number of credits. The UWL faculty member who works with your high school teacher is the official instructor of record.