Benefits and testimonials

“Why should I take a UWL concurrent enrollment course?”

Get a jump start on your college career without taking an “extra” class. Students in UWL’s concurrent enrollment courses earn college credits while fulfilling high school requirements.

  • You may be able to complete college early, free up your schedule to take other courses of interest, or lighten your course load
  • Ease into college coursework from the comfort of your own school with known instructors
  • Colleges/universities from coast to coast accept these highly transferrable credits 

Please note:  UWL course credits are highly transferrable to colleges and universities coast-to-coast. Student's must verify that a specific concurrent enrollment course will transfer to the university or college to which the student applies.

UW-La Crosse grants high school students enrolled in concurrent enrollment  program the same academic rights and privileges granted to other UWL students. Students do not pay segregated fees, however, so most on campus services provided by these fees are not available to them. Exceptions to this limitation are the use of the university library and of state-of-the-art lab equipment. High school students enrolled in courses may be granted a library card to use in the campus library and may use the equipment in courses for which there is a lab component.

"What do past participants have to say?"

“.. nothing prepared me for college more than actual college classes. After a year of college, I would say that the workload of the dual-enrollment class is comparable to what I have had to do for my classes each semester”

- Cameron Robaczewski, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Class of 2019

“I think the greatest value of this program is priming high school students for what college will be like.“

- Student in dual credit CHEM 103 at West Salem High School, 2014-2015