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Online ACT Test Preparation Course

Take up to 5 months to prepare for the test at your convenience.

  • Establish a baseline for ACT® testing by completing pre- and post-tests for each subject
  • Learn powerful test-taking strategies for each test section and question type
  • Gain an understanding of the test structure, question types, and scoring methods for each academic area
  • Build confidence through skill drills and practice exercises

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UW-La Crosse Concurrent Enrollment students work together in a lab

Admission requirements for UWL Concurrent Enrollment

  • Students must be a high school junior or senior at the time of the course
    • Seniors must rank in the upper 25% of their class; or achieve a composite score of 26 or greater on the ACT Test
    • Juniors must rank in the upper 10% of their class. If your school does not provide class rank, please contact UW-La Crosse Admissions or 608.785.8939
  • Successful completion of appropriate preparatory course work and prerequisites for college courses
  • Passing placement test scores if applicable
  • Complete all application steps by May 16, 2022

Students should work with a Concurrent Enrollment contact at their high school to submit the following items.

UWL Application expanding section

Apply for admission to UW-La Crosse:

  1. Go to: Online Admission Application. If you have not completed this application before, you must create a login. If you have completed this application before, but do not remember your login, please contact the UW HELP Line: 1.800.442.6459 for assistance. It will be easier to complete the application if you are logged into your previous account as the website has your information saved. Please note: this username and password are unique to this online application form.
    • Carefully answer initial application questions to ensure appropriate application is submitted:
      • Are You Applying for a Degree or a Few Courses? Few Courses 
      • Are You a U.S. Citizen? Yes or No (If no, select the correct option from the list)
      • Have You Graduated From High School/Secondary School or Earned Your GED/HSED? No
      • "You Are A High School Non-Degree Applicant." Click next
      • Applying To: UW-La Crosse
      • Choose Your Program: High School Special
      • When Would You Like to Start School? Select the appropriate term, Fall 2022 or Spring 2023
  2. Applicants are required to answer questions about themselves and their parent(s)/guardian(s)
  3. Please disregard application questions regarding:
    • Payment
    • Essay/Personal Statement on why you want to attend UWL
  4. At the end, click ‘Final Check for Errors’. If no errors are found sign and submit the application. You will receive a confirmation number upon successful submission.
Concurrent Enrollment Student Information Sheet expanding section

High School/UW-La Crosse Concurrent Enrollment Student Information Sheet

  1. Complete the Student Information section
  2. Complete the UW-La Crosse Course Information section
    • Indicate which course(s) you are planning to take
  3. Complete High School Course Information section
    • In this area, you will list all of the courses you will be taking at your high school while enrolled in UW-La Crosse Concurrent Enrollment courses
  4. Complete the Approval Section
    • Both you and one parent/guardian are required to sign the form
    • Your high school counselor is also required to sign the form and include their phone number
  5. Once complete, submit the form to UWL Admissions:
High School Transcript expanding section

Follow the procedures for your high school and request your official high school transcripts be sent directly to UW-La Crosse Admissions:

ACT Scores expanding section

If you are a high school senior who does not rank in the upper 25% of your class or your school does not provide a rank, submit your ACT Test scores to UW-La Crosse Admissions:

Placement Test Scores (English and Spanish only) expanding section

Test registration opens for the required University of Wisconsin System Placement Test in mid-March. 

  • This test is mandatory for students enrolling in:
    • English (ENG) 110
    • Spanish (SPA) 307
  • Students should test by May 1, 2022 to meet the Concurrent Enrollment application deadline.