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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 2021

Is there really no cost to participate? expanding section

Correct, there is no cost to participate! The DataGeek series is offered at no cost to participants for spring and summer of 2021 thanks to support from UW La Crosse alumni Scott Swenson and his spouse, Cynthia Baier. Swenson and Baier provided a generous gift to create the first College of Business faculty fellowship. The inaugural Swenson Baier Engaged Faculty Fellow, Dr. Mary Hamman, has designed the DataGeek series of workshops to take her innovative classroom instruction in data analysis out into the community. She began her career teaching HR professionals in Michigan State University’s highly regarded Human Resource and Labor Relations Masters Program and is eager to return to working with adult learners to enhance skills that will help them reach their career goals. Workshops also benefit from complementary academic access to DataCamp and Tableau for Teaching.

How does the online program work? expanding section

Participants will be provided access to UWL's online learning management system (LMS), Canvas. You will receive 20 hours of instructor-supported self-paced learning—for each workshop in which you participate. You can choose two different schedules to complete your learning: 

  1. Spread over 4 weeks (approximately 5 hours/week)
  2. One week intensive course (approximately 20 hours/week


Do I need to be online at a certain time? expanding section

Each workshop ends in a Live Project Day to test drive your new skills with other participants and prepare to apply what you have learning to a real business scenario. 

Live Project Days meet from 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Central Time on the dates below.



Live Project Day

Transitioning from Excel to R: Focus on Learning High Value-Added Skills

March 27

Clean Up Crew: Skills for Fixing Messy Data

May 1

Reproducible Reports: How to use R to Automate Reporting

June 5

Veracious Visualization: Creating Dashboards and Graphs to Convey Clear and Truthful Insights

July 10

Data Access Through APIs: Using Census API to Gather Data for Your Business

August 21
Do I need to buy software? expanding section

You will be provided access to the the software used in the workshops: 

  • RStudio.Cloud
  • Tableau for Teaching
  • DataCamp
What are the prerequisites? expanding section

All skill levels are welcome—including novice. No prior experience with software or training in data analytics is expected. Content is customized to meet you where you are.