Human Rights Policing


"The content is outstanding in this course. There is a lot of opportunity for the student to learn new information and take in new content. This is a course that especially people new to the career field should be taking. It re-enforces the idea we shouldn't have an "us vs them" mentality and law enforcement is there to serve the community." —past course participant

Human Rights Policing Certificate of Completion

August 16–September 21, 2021

6 weeks, 100% online, asynchronous instruction
Study anytime/anywhere you have internet access!

Welcome to Human Rights Policing. This six-week fully online, asynchronous training provides law enforcement agents the opportunity to complete a human rights policing certificate around their work schedule.

Students will explore and examine the foundational concepts of the course, including the criminological imagination, human rights, and the history of policing, and the relevance of these concepts to their daily police work. Class participants will also consider, analyze, and discuss important topics including, but not limited to those related to the criminal justice system and police use of force.

A unique learning feature of the course is the incorporation of a community engagement experience in which participants explore how others outside law enforcement understand and define human rights as related to policing. This assignment concludes by a follow-up discussion with their classmates and is designed to help police deepen their personal understanding of and gain insight into how others perceive human rights in policing.   

Finally, class participants will use their own experiences on the job to address how human rights policing can be applied to everyday interactions with members of the community. In today’s political climate, we believe that human rights policing training can support law enforcement agents in doing their job humanely, as well as to help protect them legally while addressing the many challenges they face in keeping our communities safe.