Course & Certificate of Completion Requirements


"The content is outstanding in this course. There is a lot of opportunity for the student to learn new information and take in new content. This is a course that especially people new to the career field should be taking. It re-enforces the idea we shouldn't have an "us vs them" mentality and law enforcement is there to serve the community." —past course participant

Course & Certificate of Completion Requirements

Discussion Boards (Total 84 Points)
There will be one discussion board each week related to the topics covered that week. A minimum of two postings (7 points each) will be required for each weekly discussion board as follows:

  1. One original response to the week’s topic: due Thursday of each week at 11:59 pm CST
  2. One in-depth response post to peers’ original posts: due Saturday of each week at 6:00 pm CST

Discussion Board Scoring Rubric





(7-6 Points)


(5-4 Points)


(3-2 Points)


(1-0 Points)

Critical Analysis

In-depth and excellent critical analysis of topic. Details and examples are different from those submitted by other participants.

Introduces excellent real-world examples by way of external links/videos/news, etc., and explains its relation to the topic. Subject knowledge is excellent.

Displays clear knowledge and critically analyzes the topic. Introduces good real-world examples by way of external links/videos/news, etc.

Subject knowledge appears to be good and is different form postings submitted by other participants earlier.

Discussion posts contain the bare minimum of critical thought; participant shows a less-than basic understanding of course material and does not add anything.

Content of discussion posts contain no critical analysis of the course material; participant copies from text or other participants verbatim or paraphrased without adding anything.








Posts more than two original posts and/or more than two reply posts to peers throughout the course of the corresponding week; all posts are engaging, thoughtful and critical to the text, lecture and peers; participant is clearly actively engaged and adds knowledge to course.                                             

Posts two original and two reply posts by the due dates that are clear, thoughtful, and critical.

Posts at least one original and one reply post by due dates.


Posts once or no threads to discussion board; posts are late in a way that does not benefit peer feedback.






Written Proficiency

(Grammar, Spelling)

No grammar/spelling errors; quality of writing is excellent.


Discussion postings have fewer than three grammar/spelling mistakes; mistakes do not distract from content and quality.

Discussion posts contain many (at least four) grammar/spelling mistakes; postings are minimally coherent.

Amount of grammar and spelling errors make discussion posts extremely difficult to understand.

Final Report (16 Points)
The goal of this one-page assignment is to give participants the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of human rights and consider how human rights may be applied in their respective contexts. The successful report will synthesize learning from course materials and assignments, contributions by their colleagues and the analysis of their own policing context.

Participants can earn a total of 100 points for the class and require a minimum of 70 points to earn the certificate.



Discussion Board Posts


Final Report





Final Grade Scale


Total Points








Below 70

Additional Information

Certificate of Completion: The certificate of completion will be awarded to participants who obtain at least 70 points.

Make-up Material: If any scheduling conflicts arise, please let us know if you need more time to complete any class activities. Class participants have until October 30, 2020 to complete the training.

Attendance: Please regularly log into canvas to check up on discussions, lectures, comments, news, posts, and so on.

Assignments: Please read the required articles, videos, documentaries in the links provided in the lecture for each discussion board.

Participation: Participate in online class discussion through reading the discussion/lecture, reading your peers’ posts, asking thoughtful questions, making thought-provoking comments, and adding something unique to each discussion.