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Human Rights Policing Course Outline

Human Rights Policing Certificate of Completion Curriculum expanding section
  • Provides conceptual and practical understanding of human rights, distinct from civil rights and the requirements of law
  • Goes beyond implicit bias and cultural diversity training, providing a broader context for understanding and implementing fair and impartial law enforcement
  • Centers experience and expertise of working law enforcement personnel as fundamental to effectively address the challenges, opportunities and realities of daily police work
Course Objectives expanding section
  • Learn the concept of human rights and its origin, understand the role of human agency in policing, learn the history of policing and its relevance to current police and community relations 
  • Engage with community members to explore how those outside the field of law enforcement understand and define human rights as related to policing
  • Use personal on-the-job experience to develop practical ways of applying human rights to daily interactions with members of the community
Instructors expanding section
  • Peter Marina, UW-La Crosse Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice and Pedro Marina, retired lieutenant, New Orleans Police Department
  • Instructional team provides both an academic and first-hand law enforcement perspective to the course 
Participant Focused Delivery expanding section
  • 6-week, fully online, asynchronous
  • May be completed around officers’ work schedule

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