Invitation letter

Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Junior Science & Humanities Symposium (JSHS) 

Director: Heidi Masters, Ph.D.

In Cooperation with:  UW-La Crosse School of Education, U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force, and Extended Learning

Dear Colleagues:

We are actively planning for the Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula of Michigan Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS). This event is sponsored by the National Science Teachers Association, the U.S. Armed Forces, and University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (UWL). We will be hosting the event at Treehaven in Tomahawk, WI. This year the symposium will begin on January 23 and will conclude January 24, 2021. Please make plans to join us for the entire symposium! 

Students in 9–12 grade are encouraged to share their original research (e.g., experimental, field, observational, applied) during a 12 minute oral presentation or poster presentation. Research presented at the regional JSHS competition can align with any of the following categories: 1) environmental science; 2) life science; 3) medicine & health/behavioral; molecular/cellular; 4) engineering and technology; 5) math and computer science, computer engineering; 6) physics and astronomy, theoretical math; 7) chemistry; and 8) biomedical science. Students attending the regional symposium for the second time are required to present a research project orally or in a poster session. The top ten research papers will be given the opportunity to present orally for scholarships. First time attendees are not expected to present a project, though they are encouraged to do so, if desired. Please bring as many students as are interested. All students who attend the regional JSHS must be chaperoned by a teacher or adult.  

Judging will be based upon individual and original research. Only students who present orally will have a chance to receive a scholarship. The first, second, and third place oral presenters will be awarded $2,000 (1st); $1500 (2nd); and $1000 (3rd) scholarships. One teacher will also receive a $500 award and will be invited to attend the National Symposium, as a chaperone, at our expense. Award recipients must be present in order to receive an award or the award will be passed on to the next ranking project. The top five student award recipients will receive an all-expense paid trip to the 59th Annual National JSHS. The top two regional presenters will compete for additional scholarships by orally presenting their research at the National Symposium. The third, fourth, and fifth place presenters at the regional symposium will be eligible to present his/her work in a poster session at the National Symposium. At the National competition the eight oral presenters that finish first in their respective categories (see 1–8 above) will receive an additional $12,000 scholarship, second place an additional $8,000, and third place an additional $4,000.    

Registration forms and additional information for teachers and students who are interested in attending the fall symposium are available at: [link coming soon]. The JSHS office MUST receive ALL attendees' (e.g., student, teacher, parent, sibling, etc.) registration no later than November 20, 2020. Upon receiving your registration form, an email will be sent to confirm your intention to participate in the regional JSHS. There is a $20 activity fee per attendee if interested in receiving a commemorative gift and participating in outdoor activities. This fee will be collected after you complete the registration form; however, it is not required to present. The WI region will fund lodging and meals for student presenters and at least one chaperone. Depending on the number of registrants, student observers and other attendees' lodging and meals may be funded as well.

Parent release form, statement of outside assistance, abstract, and research paper are due electronically Friday, December 4, 2020. Please upload them to the registration site using your user name, password, and confirmation number: [Link coming soon]. Also, check this website for further information on how to format these documents. The National JSHS website ( also has valuable resources and information for preparing documents and presenting at the symposium. The documents listed above that you will submit will be reviewed by the judges prior to listening to your 12 minute oral presentation or poster presentation. Judges will have 6 minutes to ask you questions following your presentation with respect to your registration materials and/or presentation.

Prior to the Regional Symposium, you will receive an email with any further updates regarding expectations, what to bring, and any other details that you will need to know ahead of time. Schools will need to arrange transportation to and from Treehaven.  Mileage to and from the symposium will not be reimbursed. Attendees are to be covered by their own health insurance though there is limited accident insurance for students from the time they arrive at Treehaven until they depart. Prior to attending the regional symposium, all students will need to have a parent or guardian fill out a parent release form (located on this website). 

Please visit the Treehaven website: for additional information about their facilities. Directions to Treehaven can be found at the following website:

If you, your students, or their parents/guardians have any questions regarding the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Regional JSHS, please contact me at 608.785.8129 or or Karen McGarvey in the Extended Learning Office at 608.785.6508 or We would be happy to answer questions that may arise. 

Please pass this information on to other interested teachers in the sciences and humanities.

We look forward to meeting and seeing you at this year’s regional symposium.


Heidi Masters, Director