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Synmycanthrosium: The Tom Volk Memorial Symposium

May 21–22, 2023 | University of Wisconsin-La Crosse


Dr. Tom Volk’s impact on the world of fungal biology was far-reaching and fundamental…just like the mycelial networks he studied. His publications, research collaborations, service to scientific societies, public outreach, and many graduate and undergraduate students stand as a testament to a highly productive life in science.

In celebration of Dr. Volk’s scientific legacy, the UW-La Crosse Department of Biology is pleased to host a symposium on May 21–22, 2023 on the UWL campus. One of Dr. Volk’s keenest talents was bringing the right ideas and the right people together. He was also a great lover of scientific terminology.

With those ideas in mind, we have titled the event the Synmycanthrosium: the “together-fungus-people-place.” The goal of the Synmycanthrosium is to continue Dr. Volk’s legacy by bringing together the people who were inspired by his work and example, united by a love of fungi.