Forming Strong Work Teams

Forming Strong Work Teams: September 13, 2019

Team meetingTo be successful, teams need to establish a foundation for success. This foundation begins by selecting the best individuals for a work team and aligning those individuals into roles that best suit their strengths.  Additionally, teams need to establish practices of welcoming new team members that are effective and appropriate for continuing patterns of success. This training will teach participants techniques and strategies for team building that ensure future success.

Upon successful completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the challenges and opportunities associated with difference and diversity within our work teams.
  • Define a team, its essential parts, and its importance.
  • Select team members that best fit the needs and attitude of a successful work team.
  • Avoid team members that may be toxic to the future success of a work team.
  • Overcome the early social challenges that can plague work teams.
  • Understand and define the different types of roles that are needed on work teams.
  • Fulfill role expectations competently.
  • Avoid role conflict and role fixation—two challenges that can undermine team success.
  • Socialize new team members to an existing team effectively.

3.75 contact hours/.375 CEUs

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