• District administrators
  • Building principals
  • District program directors (Pupil services, Special Education, Curriculum directors, etc.)

Participating administrators will learn a framework for identifying challenges to social justice that are unique to their school and how multiple student and staff identities intersect to impact school climate and learning environments. As district leaders, administrators will be better able to support staff across grade levels and service areas to learn, implement and continuously evaluate outcomes of social justice strategies.

  • PK-12 classroom and content area teachers
  • School counselors, psychologists and social workers
  • District occupational and physical therapists
  • Speech-language pathologists
  • Para-educators and support staff

Teachers and staff will develop a foundational understanding of social justice principles and how social inequities look in a school community. Based on this understanding they will explore the specific challenges in their classroom and among the students and staff with whom they interact.  Finally, participants will develop and implement behaviors and practices appropriate to their work and that promote social justice in their learning environments.