Created by experts in the field of social justice, UW-La Crosse’s Social Justice Certificate of Completion is research based, reflects best-practice pedagogy and fosters understanding of social justice principles. Building on those principles, the program provides educators with practical tools for classroom use to help create a more socially just learning environment.


The Social Justice Certificate of Completion was designed with a flexible schedule to accommodate the ever-growing demands that educators experience in their professional and personal lives. The program can be tailored to educators' settings across the profession.

Instruction can be delivered in a format tailored to teachers’ preferred learning modalities: face-to-face, blended or fully online, and offered at a convenient time and location. The curriculum may be tailored to participants’ credentialing needs:

  • Graduate credit only
  • Non-credit only
  • Non-credit with the option of earning up to 6 graduate credits


School districts vary in size, setting and in the characteristics of their students, families and teachers; diverse schools face diverse issues. The Social Justice Certificate of Completion is customizable to any school district’s needs. It will:

  • Provide school districts a framework for identifying and addressing challenges to social justice unique to their districts.  
  • Build on existing participant knowledge of and relationships with their students, families, and colleagues.
  • Facilitate teacher understanding and provide training to construct learning environments that meet the particular needs of their specific students.